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Black Friday… strategies?

Having viewed most of the ‘Black Friday‘ ads online (here, here, and here), I’ve officially decided that this is the year I’ll refrain from alcohol on Thanksgiving and subject myself to this annual phenomena.

Since I’ve cashiered for a large electronic retailer on this day, I know exactly what to expect – early morning preparation, ridiculously long lines, and unruly crowds. Not wanting to be the sheep amongst wolves, I’ve been researching, and I came across a blog that thoroughly outlined various Black Friday strategies.

After reading all these strategies, I’ve crowned myself an official Black Friday strategist. (Btw, only $9.99 for the first minute, $3.99 each additional minute… and don’t ask where I got those figures from.) And if you’re out and about that Friday morning, and you find my plasma television hidden under that washing machine.

It’s mine.

All mine.

Don’t even f%$k$#g think about it.

2 responses to “Black Friday… strategies?
  1. […] If you’ve been reading my past blogs, you’d know that I was prepared. I was ready more than ever to brave mother nature, the crowds and the overnight stay in search of the ultimate plasma deal. […]

  2. October is a special month for people looking for bargains, as this is when some of the 2009 Black Friday ads will be leaked out early.

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